The Septic Tank Ten Commandments

  1. THOU SHALT NOT pour grease, fats or oils down any drain.

  2. THOU SHALT NOT attach a waste disposal to thy sink to rid thy self of bones (give to thy dog) coffee grounds (give to thy garden worms) or any other food difficult to biodegrade.

  3. THOU SHALT NOT dispose of paints or household chemicals down ye drains. (Thyst can use disinfectants in small amounts).

  4. THOU SHALT NOT dispose of any automobile fluids down ANY drain, be it gas oil or transmission or brake fluid, grease or anti freeze.

  5. THOU SHALT NOT kill beneficial bacteria in your septic system by rinsing pesticides, herbicides or any other toxins down thy drain.

  6. THOU SHALT NOT dispose of any non-biodegradable item down thy toilet, be it cigarette butts, disposable nappies/ wipes, feminine hygiene products.

  7. THOU SHALT NOT leave water running whilst washing dishes, thawing frozen food etc. THOU SHALT consider limiting flushes.

  8. THOU SHALT NOT run half loads in the dishwasher or washing machine and stagger wash loads (none on the Sabbath, six on Mondays).

  9. THOU SHALT NOT use chemicals to “start-up” or “clean up” your system (it can harm your septic system, drain field or ground water).

  10. THOU SHALT NOT attach “clean water” sources such as sump pumps to the septic system.

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